General Maplex Label Engine settings

In addition to the standard global label settings, the Maplex Label Engine provides another parameter to control how labels for all layers are placed. This setting is saved for each data frame in your map.

Learn more about the general label settings provided with the Standard Label Engine

Allow labels to overlap the map border

By default, labels are placed within the border of the map's data frame. You can allow parts of labels to overlap the border to increase the likelihood that they will be placed, although the part of the label outside the border will not be visible on the map. This is useful when making a map series and merging map tiles, where it may be desirable to have the label placed on the map (albeit running into the next tile) so it is available when editing the map border.

The image below shows the label on the left overlapping the map border. This label should read Wood County.

Labels overlapping the map border
  1. Enable the Maplex Label Engine.
  2. On the Labeling toolbar, click Labeling > Options.
  3. Click the Maplex tab.
  4. Check the Allow labels to overlap border check box.
  5. Only the part of the label that falls within the data frame is visible.

  6. Click OK.