Creating a buffer to change the space between labels

Some maps have areas that are crowded with labels. This can decrease the readability of a map, especially when it becomes unclear which features are being labeled. Creating a buffer around your labels effectively makes the label size larger than the actual text, thus preventing labels from being placed close to each other and making it easier to distinguish one label from another.

  1. Open the Label Manager by clicking the Label Manager button Label Manager on the Labeling toolbar.
  2. Click a label class in the Label Classes list.
  3. Click the Properties button.
  4. Click the Conflict Detection tab on the Placement Properties dialog box.
  5. Enter a value for the Buffer defined as a ratio of the label's height input box.

    A value of 0 will result in no buffer, and a value of 1 will create a buffer the size of the label.

  6. Click OK on all dialog boxes.

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