Changing the appearance of labels by changing the label symbol

To change the appearance of your labels, you can either modify the properties of the existing label symbol or choose a label style that consists of both a text symbol and label placement options. For instance, to label a state highway map, you could create a highway shield marker symbol and specify its label placement properties. Or, since the ESRI style contains several highway shield label styles, choose one from this style and use it to label the highways.

When you choose a label style, its text symbol replaces the current label symbol and its placement properties replace the current label placement properties.

You can set a default font name and font size to be used when labeling on the ArcMap Options dialog box.

  1. Click the Label Manager button Label Manager on the Labeling toolbar.
  2. Click a label class in the Label Classes list.
  3. Choose whether to change the text symbol or to specify a label style:
    • Change the text symbol—Click the buttons and drop-down menus in the Text Symbol box to set the font, size, color, or other symbol properties of your labels. Optionally, click the Symbol button to change other properties or to choose an existing text symbol for your labels.
    • Specify a label style—Click the Symbol button. Click a standard label style from the left pane of the Symbol Selector dialog box. Optionally, modify the properties of a label style and click Save to save your current settings as a new label style in your personal style folder.
  4. Click OK.

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