Exporting a query layer

You can persist a query layer by exporting it to a feature class. The feature class can then be shared easily between geodatabases via copy/paste.

  1. In ArcMap, right-click on a query layer in the Table of Contents.
  2. Click Data > Export Data.
  3. In the Export Data dialog box, select whether you want to export all features or all features in the view extent using the Export drop-down menu.
  4. Determine the spatial reference to use for the new feature class by clicking one of the radio buttons. You can choose to use the coordinate system from the layer's source data, from the data frame, or from the feature dataset that you are exporting the new feature class into. If you choose to use the coordinate system from a feature dataset, you must first browse to the appropriate feature dataset in the Output feature class text box.
  5. In the Output feature class text box, browse to the location you would like to export the new feature class to and enter an appropriate name.
  6. Click OK.

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