Using HTML pop-up windows for feature layers

This topic describes how to use HTML pop-up text, which can be used to display information about each feature as formatted reports using XML style sheets (XSL) or as HTML displays. This also enables access to HTML web pages for each feature.

See Setting HTML pop-up properties for feature layers for more information on setting HTML pop-up properties for a layer.

Here are the steps for using HTML pop-up windows:

  1. Before you start using HTML pop-up windows, ensure that the desired layer is checked on and is visible in the map display.
  2. Click the HTML Pop-up tool HTML Popup on the Tools toolbar.
  3. The HTML Pop-up tool becomes enabled when one or more layers in the active data frame have HTML pop-up windows enabled. By default, when you click this tool, any visible features that have HTML pop-up functionality defined for them are shown in blue or outlined in blue in the case of polygons. To specify that a different color be used or prevent features with HTML pop-up text changing color, use the option on the General tab of the ArcMap Options dialog box (accessed from the Customize menu). The HTML Pop-up tool is unavailable in layout view.
  4. Click a map feature in the data frame to view its HTML pop-up window.
    An HTML pop-up window
  5. You can continue to click additional features to simultaneously view their pop-up text. The pop-up windows remain open as long as the linked feature is in the visible extent of the current map and the HTML Pop-up tool is active.
    Multiple pop-up windows visible simultaneously

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