Managing Portal Connections


The Portal for ArcGIS product is for organizations that need to use ArcGIS Online behind the firewall or in their own private network. Portal for ArcGIS allows users to add applications and templates that reflect their organization's workflows and needs. A portal is specific to a group of users within an organization and can only be accessed by the users within the group. ArcGIS for Desktop users within the organization can share their maps and search the content in the portal.

The Manage Portal Connections tool helps the ArcGIS for Desktop users to perform the following tasks:

How do you manage the portal connections?

There are some occasions where a user will want to change from the default ArcGIS online portal (for example, and switch to an organization's portal (for example, This can be done using Manage Portal Connections via the ArcGIS Administrator using the following steps.

  1. Open ArcGIS Administrator from All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator.
  2. Click the ArcGIS node in the table of contents.
  3. Click Advanced. The Advanced Configuration dialog box appears.
  4. Under the ArcGIS Online section, click Manage Portal Connections.
  5. The Manage ArcGIS Portal Connections dialog box appears. This is where you can connect, add, remove, or edit portal connections.

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