The CityEngine Administrator

The CityEngine Administrator Wizard helps you administer your Esri CityEngine and provides valuable information about your installation. With it, you can perform tasks such as


Although you can switch the product type for concurrent use, a license for that product must be present and available for the applications to open and function.

The CityEngine 2014 Administrator Wizard is only launched the first time you install Esri CityEngine. After you have completed the CityEngine 2014 Administrator Wizard, you can access the CityEngine 2014 Administrator by clicking Start > Programs > Esri > CityEngine 2014 > CityEngine 2014 Administrator.

Using CityEngine Administrator

When using the CityEngine Administrator, you can do the following.

For more information, see Knowledge Base article 23661 and Knowledge Base article 17970.


If you do not have the proper permissions, the CityEngine 2014 Administrator will not allow you to change product types or the license manager. Create and delete permissions are required for the following registry hives to change seat type and license manager:


Refer to Knowledge Base article 17970 for more information.