Editing service files on Linux or UNIX

If you installed the application service feature, you must add a name and Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) port number entry to the ArcSDE services.sde file and the Linux or UNIX operating system services file for your ArcSDE service.

  1. Open the services.sde file in a text editor.

    This file is in the ArcSDE/db2exe/etc directory.

  2. Define the service name and TCP/IP port number on which the ArcSDE service will accept connection requests by doing one of the following:
    • Remove the comment mark (#) from the default entry esri_sde 5151/tcp.
    • Add a unique service name and TCP/IP port number, for example, arcsde 4000/tcp.
  3. Open the operating system services file.
  4. Add the same service entry you defined in the services.sde file to the operating system services file.
  5. Save and close both services files.

Once the service is defined, you can start it on the server.

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