Creating an ArcSDE service from a remote Windows server

You can use the sdeservice command to create an ArcSDE service on a remote server.

The sdeservice command has the following syntax when used to create a service from a remote Windows server:

sdeservice -o create -p <ArcSDE_admin_password> 
-n [-H <sde_directory>] [-i <service>] [-s <data_source>]
[-u <service_user>] [-P <service_user_password>]

When you create a service, the sdeservice command requires you to include the –d option and value. However, it is not possible for a Windows service to have a dependency on a service that is on a remote server. Therefore, you must specify the –n option to negate the dependency.

This command is only used on Windows servers and is executed at an MS-DOS command prompt.

  1. Add entries for the new service to the ArcSDE and Windows services files.
  2. At an MS-DOS command prompt, type the sdeservice command with the create operation and include the –n option.
    sdeservice -o create -p sdepasswd 
    -d DB2,DB2POOL -n -i sdesvc
  3. Register the database to use with the service.
    sdeservice -o register -r ADMIN_DATABASE 
    -v ENTGDB -p sdepasswd -i sdesvc

Once the service has been created, use the sdemon command to start it.