What's new in ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server

ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server is predominately a maintenance and quality improvement release. For a list of issues that are fixed in 10.2.2, see the 10.2.2 Issues Addressed List. For a summary of other changes in the software, see the following sections.

It's recommended that you review the deprecation notice to determine if your hardware and software components are still compatible with version 10.2.2. To review which earlier ArcGIS product versions are compatible with ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server, see Compatibility of ArcGIS for Server with earlier versions.

Performance improvements

At 10.2.2, ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) has been optimized. Performance improvements are most notable for non-secured and secured (ArcGIS token-based authentication only) service short transaction requests, such as map tile retrieval. Map tile retrieval over SOAP also has substantial performance improvements. Listing of services in the Services panel of ArcGIS Server Manager and the ArcGIS Server Services Directory has also been improved, particularly in sites that have multiple machines.

Improved security configuration workflows

In previous versions, you were required to reconfigure ArcGIS Web Adaptor after updating the communication protocol of ArcGIS Server. At 10.2.2, this is no longer necessary; ArcGIS Web Adaptor will recognize the changes to your site after one minute. This improves many security configuration workflows. To learn more, see Enabling SSL on ArcGIS Server when accessed through the Web Adaptor.

Patch notification

When you log in to an instance of ArcGIS Server Linux on Amazon Web Services as the arcgis user, a notification will appear if there is a patch available for the ArcGIS for Server software.

Enable feature services for offline map use

You can enable a sync capability on your feature services. This allows clients to download data from the feature service to use even when they are not connected to the Internet or your network. When the clients are back online, they can synchronize with the feature service.

Although this functionality was initially introduced at 10.2.1, it's strongly recommended that you use ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server to take full advantage of offline map use. Version 10.2.2 includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements that optimize feature service sync capabilities. For more information, see Preparing data for offline use.