Steps to get ArcGIS for Server up and running on Linux


Upgrading to 10.2.2? For more information, see Existing ArcGIS for Server users.

The following steps are required to get ArcGIS for Server up and running on Linux:

  1. Consider how you'll migrate your existing ArcGIS for Server system to 10.2.2.
  2. Verify that your site meets the system requirements.
  3. Plan your ArcGIS for Server site configuration.
  4. Install ArcGIS for Server.
  5. Log in to Manager.
  6. Install and configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor.
  7. Connect to the GIS server in ArcGIS for Desktop.
  8. Grant permissions to data directories.
  9. Publish services.
  10. Use the services.

For the latest system requirements, see ArcGIS for Server system requirements at the ArcGIS Resources website.