Questions, feedback, and information

There are a number of options to provide feedback or obtain further information.

Questions and feedback

All questions and comments should be forwarded to Esri Technical Support.

Visit the ArcGIS Resources website

Visit the ArcGIS Resources website at for up-to-date information on ArcGIS software and services. It is an invaluable resource in helping you expand your understanding of GIS technology.

Esri Knowledge Base

The Esri Knowledge Base is a database that contains

You can search the Knowledge Base using keywords, or you can browse through folders that contain information on different topics.

You can access the Knowledge Base at

Installed Help

Help for ArcGIS software is installed when you install ArcGIS. On machines with a Windows operating system, shortcuts to Help are available at Start > All Programs > ArcGIS. You can locate what you need by searching the table of contents, finding terms in the index, or finding the number of times a term appears in a section.

The ArcGIS Developer Help system is also available. The ArcGIS Developer help is an essential resource for ArcGIS for Server developers. This help system is installed with the ArcGIS for Server and ArcObjects Developer Kits.

Esri education solutions

Esri provides educational opportunities related to geographic information science, GIS applications, and technology. You can choose from among instructor-led courses, web-based courses, and self-study workbooks to find education solutions that fit your learning style and pocketbook. For more information, see