System requirements

Version 3.7

ArcGIS Viewer for Flex system requirements

The following prerequisites will help you get started with the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex ("Viewer").

System requirements for hosting Viewer applications

  1. A web server running on the machine where the Viewer application will be installed. Although not exclusive, some common examples are Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache. Ask your systems administrator to verify that your machine has a web server running.
  2. Read/write access to the folder containing the Viewer application on your web server.
  3. (Optional) Access to ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced editions if you wish to work with your own web services. The Viewer application generally supports ArcGIS Server 9.3 or later. Some functionality, such as web editing, support time time-aware data, server-side rendering, etc. requires later versions of ArcGIS for Server. For more information on which versions support what functionality, see the System Requirements topic for the ArcGIS API for Flex.

    It is possible to work in Viewer without an internet connection (airplane mode). By default, some services are pre-set. These services can be removed if not able to make a connection to them. For more information on this, please see the FAQ, How can I work with Viewer without having internet access?

System requirements - Application Builder

The system requirements for using the application builder to create Viewer web applications are as follows:

  1. Read/write access to a web server—Similar to what is described above, read/write access is needed on the folder that Application Builder accesses. For example, the default directory for IIS is C:\\inetpub\wwwroot. By default, a directory named flexviewers gets created in this directory, e.g. C:\\inetpub\wwwroot\flexviewers.


    If you do not have permission to create folders in your web server you may receive an error. See the Getting started topic for additional information.

  2. Adobe AIR (minimum version 3.5)—Adobe AIR enables stand-alone client applications without the constraints of a browser. If your machine does not already have Adobe AIR installed, it will ask you to install it when you run the installation for the application builder. You can also install it from here.

Client requirements for working with Viewer applications

A web browser with Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or higher is required to view Viewer applications. Install Flash Player from Adobe.


By default, it is assumed that the client application will have internet access. This is not required though and can be set so there is no dependency on it. For more information, please see How can I work with Viewer without having internet access? in the FAQ topic.

Additional resources

Internet Information Server
Internet Information Server (IIS) is from Microsoft. The installation instructions differ between different versions of IIS and Windows operating systems. See the following Microsoft documentation for details:
Apache HTTP Server
Apache HTTP Server from the Apache Software Foundation is an open-source Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server for modern operating systems including UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Netware. Download and install Apache HTTP Server or, if you have Mac OS X, just enable it on the server.


Although IIS and Apache are discussed, it should be noted that these are not the only two supported web servers for use with Viewer applications. Any working web server should work with the Viewer application.