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ESRI.ArcGIS.AnalysisTools Namespace : Buffer Class

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Public Properties

public PropertyAliasThe alias for this tool's toolbox.  
public Propertybuffer_distance_or_fieldThe distance used to create buffer zones around Input Features. Either a value or a numeric field can be used to provide buffer distances. (In, Required)  
public Propertydissolve_fieldList of field(s) for the dissolve. Buffer polygons that share the same set of values in their Dissolve Field(s) will be dissolved together. (In, Optional)  
public Propertydissolve_optionSpecifies whether a dissolve will be performed to remove buffer feature overlap. {NONE | ALL | LIST} (In, Optional)  
public Propertyin_featuresThe features to be buffered. (In, Required)  
public Propertyline_end_typeFor lines, the shape of the buffer at the line end points. {ROUND | FLAT} (In, Optional)  
public Propertyline_sideThe side(s) of a line that will be buffered. FULL—A buffer will be generated on both sides of the line. This is the default. LEFT—The topological left of a line will be buffered. RIGHT—The topological right of a line will be buffered. {FULL | LEFT | RIGHT} (In, Optional)  
public Propertyout_feature_classThe feature class that will contain the buffer features. (Out, Required)  
public PropertyParameterInfoThe parameters used by this tool. For internal use only.  
public PropertyToolboxDirectoryThe directory of this tool's toolbox.  
public PropertyToolboxNameThe name of this tool's toolbox.  
public PropertyToolNameThe name of this tool.  

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