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ESRI.ArcGIS.AnalysisTools Namespace : Select Class

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Public Properties

public PropertyAliasThe alias for this tool's toolbox.  
public Propertyin_featuresThe input feature class or layer from which features are selected. (In, Required)  
public Propertyout_feature_classThe output feature class to be created. This feature class will contain all the features from the input if no expression is specified. (Out, Required)  
public PropertyParameterInfoThe parameters used by this tool. For internal use only.  
public PropertyToolboxDirectoryThe directory of this tool's toolbox.  
public PropertyToolboxNameThe name of this tool's toolbox.  
public PropertyToolNameThe name of this tool.  
public Propertywhere_clauseAn SQL expression used to select a subset of features by attributes. The syntax for the expression is slightly different, based on the data you're querying. If you're querying ArcInfo coverages, shapefiles, INFO tables, or dBASE tables, field names must be enclosed in double quotes in the SQL expression: "MY_FIELD". If you're querying personal geodatabase data, enclose fields in square brackets: [MY_FIELD]. If you're querying ArcSDE geodatabase data or data in an ArcIMS feature class or ArcIMS image service sublayer, don't enclose fields: MY_FIELD. Personal geodatabase uses '*' and '?' as string wild cards rather than the '%' and '_' used by all other formats. Personal geodatabase - '[CNTRY_NAME] = 'Canada'' If you're querying file based or multiuser geodatabase data - "'CNTRY_NAME' = 'USA'" or '"CNTRY_NAME" = \'USA\'' (In, Optional)  

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