Identity Class Properties
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ESRI.ArcGIS.AnalysisTools Namespace : Identity Class

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Public Properties

public PropertyAliasThe alias for this tool's toolbox.  
public Propertycluster_toleranceThe minimum distance separating all feature coordinates (nodes and vertices) as well as the distance a coordinate can move in X or Y (or both). You can set the value to be higher for data that has less coordinate accuracy and lower for datasets with extremely high accuracy. (In, Optional)  
public Propertyidentity_featuresThe identity feature class or layer. Must be polygons. (In, Required)  
public Propertyin_featuresThe input feature class or layer. (In, Required)  
public Propertyjoin_attributesDetermines what attributes will be transferred to the Output Feature Class {NO_FID | ONLY_FID | ALL} (In, Optional)  
public Propertyout_feature_classThe feature class that will be created and to which the results will be written. (Out, Required)  
public PropertyParameterInfoThe parameters used by this tool. For internal use only.  
public PropertyrelationshipChoose if you want additional spatial relationships between the Input Features and Identity Features to be written to the output. This only applies when the Input Features are lines and the Identity Features are polygons (In, Optional)  
public PropertyToolboxDirectoryThe directory of this tool's toolbox.  
public PropertyToolboxNameThe name of this tool's toolbox.  
public PropertyToolNameThe name of this tool.  

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