Get Lifecycle Phase Strings



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server extension is required in order to use this resource.

Data Reviewer defines a Reviewer result as a row, or feature, submitted to the Reviewer workspace. Data Reviewer exposes a quality control workflow in which a result in reviewed, corrected, and verified.

There are three lifecycle phases:

This REST operation retrieves a JSON array of lifecycle phase objects. Each array member has a descriptionType, descriptionString, and descriptionCode. Use this REST operation to retrieve lifecycle phase strings for the lifecycle phase code values returned from other REST operations like Get Results and Dashboard.

Request Parameters

Data Reviewer




Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

Example 1: Retrieve the lifecycle phase list from a Reviewer workspace:


JSON Response Syntax

 "lifecyclePhaseString": [
   "descriptionType": 8,
   "descriptionString": "Review",
   "descriptionCode": 2
   "descriptionType": 8,
   "descriptionString": "Correction",
   "descriptionCode": 4
   "descriptionType": 8,
   "descriptionString": "Verification",
   "descriptionCode": 6