Raster Analysis service tasks

The Raster Analysis service contains a number of tasks that you can access and use in your applications. These tasks are arranged below into categories of logical groupings, which do not affect how you access or use the tasks in any way.

Tasks that analyze patterns

Calculate Density

Calculate Density diagram

This task creates a density layer from point features by spreading known quantities of some phenomenon (represented as attributes of the points) across the raster. The result is a layer of areas classified from least dense to most dense.

Interpolate Points

Interpolate Points diagram

This task allows you to predict values at new locations based on measurements from a collection of points. The tool takes point data with values at each point and returns a raster of predicted values.

Tasks that analyze terrain

Create Viewshed

Create Viewshed diagram

This task uses an elevation surface and observer locations to identify areas where the observers can see the observed objects and the observed objects can see the observers.

Tasks that manage data

Convert Feature to Raster

Convert Feature to Raster diagram

This task converts a point, line or polygon feature dataset to a raster.

Convert Raster to Feature

Convert Raster to Feature

This task converts a raster to a point, line or polygon feature dataset.

Tasks that summarize data

Summarize Raster Within

Summarize Raster Within diagram

This task summarizes the cells of a raster within the boundaries of areas defined by another dataset.

Tasks that process rasters using parallel processing

Copy Raster

Copy Raster

The Copy Raster task takes single raster layer input and generates the output image using parallel processing.

The input raster dataset can be clipped, resampled, and reprojected based on the setting.

Generate Raster

Generate Raster

The Generate Raster task is a service that allows you to execute raster analysis on a distributed server. The analysis can be specified either with a predefined server raster function keyword, or by giving a JSON object representation of a raster function chain.

Tasks that classify data



The Classify service will create categories of pixels based on the input raster and the classifier definition JSON that was generated from the Train Classifier service.



The Segment task takes a single raster dataset as input and uploads the image to the cloud storage.

Train Classifier

Train Classifier

The Train Classifier task is a service to train supervised classifiers and return an .ecs file in JSON.