Export Site


Exports the site configuration to a location you specify as input to this operation. The exported file includes and excludes the following information:

Information included in the backup

Information not included

  • Service configurations and service properties
  • Server object extensions (SOEs)
  • Server object interceptors (SOIs)
  • Registered data store item locations
  • Registered relational data store types
  • User and role information
  • List of machines in the site
  • Clusters and their lists of machines
  • Log settings
  • Statistics reports
  • Scene tile cache configuration files under arcgiscache/Hosted
  • Cache tiles and tiling schemes
  • Data used by services (unless it was copied to a folder on the server automatically at publish time)
  • Dynamically generated map images and other temporary output
  • Log messages (including Geoprocessing job statuses and messages)
  • Primary site administrator name and password
  • Statistics data
  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor configurations

You cannot make other administrative site configuration changes while a backup is in progress.

Protecting information not included in the backup

As noted above, some information is not included in the backup of your site. It's recommended you manually back up this information at the same time you run the backup utility. When you restore the site, manually copy or move this information back to the site, for example:

Request Parameters



location [optional]

Description: A path to a folder accessible to the server where the exported site configuration will be written. If a location is not specified, the server writes the exported site configuration file to directory owned by the server and returns a virtual path (an HTTP URL) to that location from where it can be downloaded.


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage




	 status: "success",
	 location: "\\server\share\backup\Jan-15-2013_11-50-33.agssite"




	 status: "success",
	 location: "http://host:port/arcgis/admin/uploads/i33d579b6-d8a8-4886-a1bc-671ae52e7a00"