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  • Have you ever wanted to extend your map automation scripts to include layer masking and clipping without having to open the map document?  With the recent release of Esri Production Mapping 10.2 you can do just that and much more! … Continue reading

  • A declination diagram shows the angular relationship between grid, magnetic, and true north using a series of graphic arrows. A previous blog article on declination diagrams with ArcMap discussed what declination diagrams/north arrows are, and the different options for adding … Continue reading

  • Visual specifications – what are they and where would I use them, you may ask?  Many of you might have symbology and labeling standards for maintaining consistency in your map products. Visual specifications is a tool available in Esri Production … Continue reading

  • Esri Production Mapping’s Feature-level Metadata allows for quick population of fields across feature classes that share common attribution such as source, date last modified and by whom, horizontal/vertical accuracy of the feature and so forth.  Auto populating these fields not … Continue reading

  • Do you have a lot of map elements on your page layout? Are your page layouts large, making it difficult to visually locate and update map elements? If you answered yes to one or both questions, Esri Production Mapping’s Layout … Continue reading