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  • Drone2Map for ArcGIS version 1.3 is available for download from My Esri and the Drone2Map for ArcGIS Help Site. Version 1.3 adds the ability to create compressed zlas point clouds, rolling shutter correction, GCP photo support, Integrated Windows Authentication, flight altitude adjustment tools, … Continue reading

  • Today, I want to discuss how you can use Scene Viewer to style and configure point clouds directly in your browser, interactively, and intuitively, leveraging the power of smart mapping smart defaults and color ramp sliders. Cities across the world are … Continue reading

  • Esri’s Community Program contributors have added new and updated map layers to Esri’s Online Basemaps. There is new and updated content for 38 communities. This release includes several states, counties, cities, facility sites and university campuses throughout Germany, Spain, Suriname, … Continue reading

  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is an app that monitors assets, events, or activities for ‘at-a-glance’ decision making. It provides key insights about your data on a single screen. The latest beta update now includes the ability to configure interactive dashboards!! … Continue reading

  • You can easily transform your maps by using a custom image as your point symbol in ArcGIS Online. But did you know that you can create animated point symbols using the same technique? There are many image formats out there … Continue reading