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  • This year at the user conference we had (once again) multiple user come by the island and ask if it’s possible to run a model or script on a regular basis, or at a prescribed time… the answer is yes. Click the link to the esri blog at Scheduling a Python script or model to […]

  • Again this year, python is the focus of many workshops and demos during the Esri User Conference. For those of you going to San Diego here is a link to the digital agenda filtered for “Python” : Also, feel free to come by the Spatial Analysis Island as members of the team will be […]

  • A hands-on website and a print book for seasoned GIS practitioners and newcomers to GIS Consumer mapping has opened the eyes of the world, and especially decision makers, to the value of maps and geography and consequently increased the demand … Continue reading

  • With the 10.2 release, a new Python library, netCDF4, began shipping as part of the ArcGIS platform.  netCDF4 allows you to easily inspect, read, aggregate and write netCDF files.  NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) is one of the most important … Continue reading

  • Many runners and cyclists these days are logging their routes with GPS so they can view the path that they just completed when they get back home. ArcGIS allows you to create stunning web maps and applications that display all your … Continue reading