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Documentation and other resources for this ArcGIS capability can be accessed from, a new site focused on ArcGIS for Desktop users. In about three weeks we will begin redirecting to that page. Documentation for 10.2x and earlier releases will continue to be accessible.

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  • Conda and ArcGIS Pro (10/21/2016)

    Conda was first included in ArcGIS Pro 1.3 release.  It allows users to easily manage python packages and environments.  For the  1.4 release of Pro we are working on further improving how conda works with ArcGIS Pro. For those of you looking to get started with conda here are some interesting links. Intro to conda documentation – what is conda? We especially recommend the 30 […]

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  • By Jim Herries and Tamara Yoder, ArcGIS Content Team Every item in ArcGIS Online has a thumbnail image to give a visual cue as to what the item is or contains. Have you noticed that items in the Living Atlas, … Continue reading

  • A common reaction when  users experience the ArcGIS Python API  for the first time is they think  it’s the return of Avenue, ArcPlot or AML for the modern [Web] GIS world. That is not far from the truth. For  millennials … Continue reading