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  • Request came in last week for a way to split a line feature into 10 equal length line features. The input looked like this The accepted solution came from Dave on the team who sent this elegant and efficient solution. in_fc = r'c:\projects\waterway.gdb\stream' out_fc = r'c:\projects\waterway.gdb\stream10' out_count = 10 # how many features desired line […]

  • We all know the power of using feature services with to share our data and maps. These maps become even more powerful when the content automatically updates. GeoRSS feeds allow you to quickly pull content into your map. Well, … Continue reading

  • As was shown at this year’s Esri User Conference, ArcMap now incorporates multidimensional data into GIS workflows to further the advancement of science (see Philip Mielke’s excellent plenary presentation). This is a very important concept that we at Esri would … Continue reading

  • pretty print fields (08/07/2014)

    This is a piece of code i’ve written and re-written dozens of times. Typically I code it on a whim for a single use. Today I went the extra mile and made the output really nice, so here it is in case somebody has use for it. And this is what you get as output […]

  • A lot of people are posting requests asking for a particular snippet in the comments section of this blog. By all means, continue to do so, we do enjoy tackling the more generic and broadly useful requests… but we just can’t tackle all of them, and not in a timely manner. So if you need […]