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  • Many runners and cyclists these days are logging their routes with GPS so they can view the path that they just completed when they get back home. ArcGIS allows you to create stunning web maps and applicationsĀ that display all your … Continue reading

  • From the Esri Insider blog post Science at Esri continues to be an exciting initiative where we are concerned with supporting both basic and applied science, while also recognizing that there are many major themes of compelling interest to society … Continue reading

  • Proceedings and videos of the 2014 Esri Ocean GIS Forum are available at: and In addition to the excellent papers, maps, apps, and lightning talks presented by over 100 users, the Forum featured: the exciting announcement of the … Continue reading

  • As GIS professionals we all know that adding a spatial element to data makes it much more valuable. One of the key benefits of GIS has always been, and always will be, the integrative power to bring location information together … Continue reading

  • Get inner-most poly (03/17/2015)

    Nice spatial relationship question today… a co-worker asked ‘how can i get only the inner-most poly from these clusters of polygons’. Looking at the data, none of the polygons overlap, these were clearly generated from contour lines. There are likely a few ways to accomplish this, but our approach was as follows: recreate all polygons […]