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  • Have you heard about the OGC GeoPackage specification (  It is a newly minted OGC spec that defines GeoPackages for exchange and GeoPackage SQLite Extensions for direct use of vector geospatial features and/or tile matrix sets. Esri has actively participated … Continue reading

  • The 2014 PyCon US conference ran from April 9 to the 13th in Montreal, Canada. For those of you looking to expand your knowledge of Python, this can be a good source of tutorial/tech workshops. All presentations and tutorials are recorded and published here: PyCon 2014 videos

  • feature class to csv (04/08/2014)

    A few days ago Tony asked for a py script that will write out the OID + x + y for each feature in a polyline feature class / shapefile.  No problem we say, see code example at bottom. This was quick and fun exercise and we were happy to write this code. But for more timely technical help i’d direct […]

  • Hey Everyone, it was great meeting and talking to everybody at the dev summit. A number of python/arcpy presenters already shared their code to github repos below. Mark’s main stage code for Managing ArcGIS Online content with Python Kevin’s demo theater code for Administering ArcGIS Server with Python Ghis’s demos for the tech workshop on Working with feature […]

  • merge polyline paths (02/28/2014)

    Somebody on the team was having trouble tracing streams due to breaks in the streams introduced when converting raster to feature. So here is slick little solution which takes n paths in a line features and makes a 1 path (aka 1 part) out of it. None of the vertices are moved. Where there were […]