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  • Everyone hopefully saw the announcement last week that ArcGIS 10.3 is now available. In this occasion we want to drill down into what is new in the ArcGIS for Server product, which includes enhancements to the GIS Server, and licensing … Continue reading

  • We’re excited to announce that ArcGIS 10.3 is now available. ArcGIS 10.3 is a major release that will help you discover, make, use, and share maps from any device, anywhere, at any time. ArcGIS 10.3 includes new apps and enhancements … Continue reading

  • ArcGIS Pro is coming with a totally redesigned UI, and the Python window is no exception. First off: the Python window is meant to be a utility. It’s not most flashy of designs. You type in code and get feedback, it should help you do that and that is all. Our intention in the redesign […]

  • From an Esri Insider blog post by Matt Artz and Kevin Butler Geography is the science of our world, and GIS is a foundational technology for helping us to better understand that science. To further strengthen the link between GIS … Continue reading

  • Request came in last week for a way to split a line feature into 10 equal length line features. The input looked like this The accepted solution came from Dave on the team who sent this elegant and efficient solution. in_fc = r'c:\projects\waterway.gdb\stream' out_fc = r'c:\projects\waterway.gdb\stream10' out_count = 10 # how many features desired line […]