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  • Coral Ecosystem AMA (03/31/2015)

    If you’re going to read Reddit at work, check out this AMA from NOAA scientists talking about coral reef mapping, fish hot spots, and a lot of other cool stuff. http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/30x2zq/science_ama_series_we_are_ocean_scientists_on_an/

  • Hey check out these code samples from the imagery team that were presented at the 2015 Developers Summit! You can do stuff like: Model avalanche risk Model flood zones Display flow data using vectors based on magnitude and direction, or … Continue reading

  • When we talk about scientific data, the term is kind of a catch-all that really refers to three data formats commonly used in the scientific community: NetCDF, HDF, and GRIB. If a normal raster is a grid where each block … Continue reading

  • Originally posted by Dave Johnson, Esri Applications Prototype Lab Dimension Explorer, an addin tool for ArcMap, has just been released by the Esri Applications Prototype Lab! Dimension Explorer 1.0 makes it easier to work with time-aware and multidimensional data in … Continue reading

  • Proceedings and videos of the 2014 Esri Ocean GIS Forum are available at: proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/oceans14 and video.esri.com/series/217/2014-esri-ocean-gis-forum. In addition to the excellent papers, maps, apps, and lightning talks presented by over 100 users, the Forum featured: the exciting announcement of the … Continue reading