Intelligent ArcGIS Web Maps

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Intelligent ArcGIS Web Maps

Intelligent Web Maps are information products that help us understand our world relative to our varied needs and interests. They are useful. They help us easily do tasks like learning, analyzing, and decision making. Intelligent Web Maps provide a window through which information can be accessed for these tasks and facilitate acting on that information.

Anyone could use any of the GIS- or spatially enabled data that already exists to make a Web Map. But just showing some data on a map does not make that map useful or intelligent. Useful, intelligent Web Maps follow a well-known pattern. A progression from data to information to knowledge to wisdom exists, and it implies a few things:

  • More effort is required to analyze data to derive something meaningful or actionable.
  • Publishing just data means that each consumer must do the same work to get value.
  • Not everyone interprets data the same way or is qualified or educated to properly interpret certain data.
  • By having experts analyze data and present it as useful information or knowledge, consumers get the benefit easily and quickly, and that is good for many reasons.

The Mapping Center exists to help you learn how to create useful information products with ArcGIS such as intelligent Web Maps. The examples featured here illustrate a variety of ways you can deliver intelligent useful content to your customers, colleagues, peers, and others by using ArcGIS.

This map is interactive, you can pan or zoom by dragging a rectangle with your mouse while pressing the Shift-key or Shift- and Ctrl-keys.

1"From Data to Wisdom" was first published by Russell Ackoff in the Journal of Applied Systems Analysis in 1989.