Frequently Asked Questions for Image Management workflows - Scanned Maps

Q: Do I need to program in Python to use this workflow?

A: Python programming is not required. Sample tools may be downloaded from this ArcGIS Online Group which provide examples of implementing the recommended workflows for both general scanned maps and specific examples for the CADRG style maps. These examples use Python, but programming experience is not required to use the examples. These tools may also be used in ArcGIS ModelBuilder.

Q: I have maps in different projections; can this workflow show me how to manage those?

Yes. The sample tools and data referenced above include maps in four different projections. The result is managed in the Web Mercator projection for compatibility with common web maps, but the scanned maps are all stored in their original projections.

Q: Is this workflow also applicable to scans made from printed aerial images?

No. This workflow presumes that your scanned files have a predefined map projection, which would not be true for unrectified aerial imagery. The workflow for scanned imagery would require a few differences which will be detailed in examples to be provided in the future. Please check for Aerial Frame Imagery in this ArcGIS Online Group later.

Q: If I have questions about this workflow, where can I get more information?

The workflows described in the Image Management Guidebook, and the samples available in ArcGIS Online provide detailed information. For any additional information and discussion, please refer to this post on the ArcGIS Imagery Forum where users will contribute ideas, questions, and answers regarding scanned maps. For new posts related to the Image Management Workflows, please enter image_management and also workflow as tags that will allow others to search for related posts.