Frequently Asked Questions for Image Mangement workflows - Browse Imagery

Q: Do I need to program in Python to use this workflow?

A: Python programming is not required. Sample tools can be downloaded from this ArcGIS Online Group to provide examples of implementing the recommended workflow for browse imagery. These examples use Python, but programming experience is not required to use the examples. These tools may also be used in ArcGIS ModelBuilder.

Q: If I have questions about this workflow, where can I get more information?

The workflows described in the Image Management Guidebook, and the samples available in ArcGIS Online provide detailed information. For any additional information and discussion, please refer to this post on the ArcGIS Imagery Forum where users will contribute ideas, questions, and answers regarding browse imagery. For new posts related to the Image Management Workflows, please enter image_management and also workflow as tags that will allow others to search for related posts.

Q: Our browse imagery includes clouds. Will this workflow allow users to sort data based on cloud cover?

A: Yes, presuming you have metadata with an estimate of cloud cover (typically expressed as an integer, from 0 to 100, representing percentage of the image covered by clouds). This workflow explicitly includes the cloud cover, as well as other fields, in the attribute table. However, it does not include an algorithm for calculating the cloud cover estimate; that data is typically provided in the metadata from the provider of the image data. Also note that this will depend upon the functionality in the client application used to display the browse image data. This workflow builds a mosaic dataset to catalog and serve browse imagery, but it is not a web application for consuming the resulting image service.