Esri Hydro Viewer

Esri Hydro Viewer

The Esri Hydro Viewer is a Javascript application built for the Esri Hydro Basemap that allows users to interact with the map, turning a static map into an interactive information center. The application has a user-friendly interface, and allows for easy navigation and visualization of hydrologic information. The Esri Hydro Viewer adds value to the Hydro Basemap by making the data contained within the map useful and easy to understand. Both the Esri Hydro Viewer and the Esri Hydro Basemap were built using NHDPlus products.

What it does

The Esri Hydro Viewer presents information about watersheds, including spatial information about contributing watershed area. For example, if you click on a watershed in Texas, the application presents a detailed report of information about the selected watershed, and highlights the larger hydrologic unit that it is contained within. The report tells you what category of watershed you have selected, and gives the names of the larger contributing units, as well as the HUC number, area, mean annual flow, cumulative drainage, and a brief description of the watershed. The application presents information about the watershed and helps you visualize how your selected watershed fits into the larger national context.

The application also has navigational functionality that makes it easy for you to zoom between region, subregion, and subbasin scale levels, illustrating to map readers the multi-scaled nature of the data, and making those relationships easy to understand.

To view the application, please click here!