Enterprise GIS Performance and Scalability

Performance is a measure of the speed at which a computer system works. Scalability is the ability to grow in size or complexity without showing negative effects. Problems in either area may expose the enterprise to operating inefficiencies and potentially general failure of critical business components. Testing, monitoring, and tuning the environment will ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.


Performance and scalability considerations for ArcGIS application architectures.

Rich Clients





Performance and scalability considerations for software and hardware infrastructure.

Data Sources

Storage Systems

Operating Systems

Virtual Systems


Load Balancers

Web Application Servers

Capacity and Testing

Browse Esri's performance benchmarks and learn how to test your ArcGIS application.

ESRI Performance Benchmarks

Testing Your Applications

Many of the pages within the performance section contain ranking tables that demonstrate relative performance characteristics of different components. You can use these tables to identify potential needs for additional computing resource or tuning. It should be understood this ranking represents a generalization that may not apply to all systems, but they can be a helpful starting point to more in-depth analysis.