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  • Who doesn’t love a beautiful map that tells a great story, helps solve a complex problem, and provides even more value just a click or zoom away? That’s the power of data visualization, and we love it as much as … Continue reading

  • Coral Ecosystem AMA (03/31/2015)

    If you’re going to read Reddit at work, check out this AMA from NOAA scientists talking about coral reef mapping, fish hot spots, and a lot of other cool stuff.

  • Esri’s World Population Estimate, a new probability surface that estimates the location and count of people throughout the world, is now available in ArcGIS Online. Esri has been producing a global population estimate in ArcGIS Online for several years. This … Continue reading

  • If you’re planning to attend the Esri Southeast User Conference in Nashville this year (May 4-6th) we may have a good reason to stick around immediately after the main conference.  We recently added a free post-conference hands-on workshop for those … Continue reading

  • Incorporating maps into your BI dashboard can greatly enhance the effectiveness and usability of the dashboard for consumers. But without proper up-front planning, you’re likely to create a map-enabled dashboard that’s confusing, misleading, or difficult for consumers to read and … Continue reading