How to access CityEngine resources

CityEngine resource projects can be imported in two ways:

  1. Download from Resource Center (Recommended)
  2. Download through the CityEngine download dialog box (Alternative)

Download from Resource Center

You can download tutorials and template examples from the CityEngine Resource Center to be used directly in CityEngine.

  1. Once you have located the Resource Center example you wish to work with, click Open > Download from the main page.
  2. Start CityEngine.
  3. From the CityEngine menu, select File > Import.
  4. Select Projects > Existing Projects into Workspace.

    Create a new CityEngine project.

  5. From the Import dialog box, click the Select Archive File radio button.
  6. Browse to the location of the downloaded zip file, which was downloaded from the Resource Center.
  7. Select Finish to import the project into your workspace.

Import projects dialog box.

CityEngine download dialog box

1. Download project files

To work with provided CityEngine resources, you need to download the CityEngine projects.


You should have already installed CityEngine and have an Internet connection.

  1. Start CityEngine.
  2. Select Help > Download Tutorials and Examples.
  3. Click the selection box next to the Tutorials you would like to download.
  4. Click Finish.

The projects are then downloaded and copied into your current workspace, which can then be used immediately.

Download tutorials and examples from CityEngine.

2. Explore projects

After a successful download, look into the Navigator to explore the project files.

Explore the project files.

3. Tutorial step-by-step

Each tutorial project contains step-by-step instructions that guides you through the tutorial. In the Navigator, open the folder html/ in the tutorials projects and double-click on the toc.html topic. This will display the tutorial instructions in your browser.

Now you can explore the steps for the tutorial you are working with.

Tutorial steps.