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  • Proceedings and videos of the 2014 Esri Ocean GIS Forum are available at: and In addition to the excellent papers, maps, apps, and lightning talks presented by over 100 users, the Forum featured: the exciting announcement of the … Continue reading

  • A scene allows you to visualize and analyze geographic information in an interactive 3D environment. Using ArcGIS Pro you can author and publish scenes. Scenes can also be authored and viewed using the scene viewer, a built-in ArcGIS Online application. … Continue reading

  • The zLAS I/O Library is a C++ runtime library that provides API access for reading and writing zLAS as well as converting between zLAS and LAS. It is comprised of a header file documenting the function interfaces, a lib file, … Continue reading

  • ArcGIS Pro in DaaS (03/10/2015)

    During the Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit ArcGIS Pro has been demo’d this week from the Nvidia Test Drive. The Nvidia Test Drive virtual machines are good examples of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). In the demos ArcGIS Pro is delivered in a … Continue reading

  • In ArcGIS Online you can create interactive scenes using the scene viewer. A scene is symbolized 3D geospatial content that includes a multiscale basemap, a collection of 2D and 3D layers, and configurations that allow you to visualize and analyze geographic … Continue reading