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  • Esri’s World Elevation – TopoBathy Layer is enhanced with more detailed bathymetry datasets just in time for the Ocean GIS Forum. Let’s dive in for details about each dataset in this release. GEBCO 2014 In this release, the global bathymetry source in … Continue reading

  • Last week we updated GeoPlanner to version 2.4. For this update, we wanted to help you be more productive and better assess the impact of your plans. Improving productivity involved making the app easier to use by adding tools so you can … Continue reading

  • From suggesting how many steps we should walk in a day, to predicting the future price of our home, machine learning (ML) is becoming an integral part of our lives. ML is a new approach to understanding our universe based … Continue reading

  • The R-ArcGIS bridge was recently featured in the live training seminar, Go Deeper with Data Analytics Using ArcGIS Pro and R. The topics covered included, how to easily transfer data between ArcGIS Pro and R, an open-source programming language for statistical analysis, and … Continue reading

  • The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension provides a broad range of powerful spatial modeling and analysis capabilities, like distance analysis, suitability modeling, terrain analysis, surface modeling, surface interpolation, hydrological analysis, and image classification. You can create, query, map, and analyze raster … Continue reading