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  • We recently updated GeoPlanner for ArcGIS to version 2.5. This was another big release! We added lots of new functionality, including bulk moving of features, accessing custom Geoprocessing services and creating stencils. Many of you contributed comments and opinions. Have a read … Continue reading

  • Scientists can’t sample every cubic meter of water by themselves, so they have to make predictions about the water they don’t touch. That prediction process, known as “interpolation,” involves taking data samples at two specific locations and and predicting the … Continue reading

  • Sometimes I find myself trolling Etsy for gift ideas, and I inevitably end up seeing hosts of amazing minimalist stacked paper-cut maps. Just lovely. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then feast your eyes. Naturally, being the human … Continue reading

  • It’s not you, it’s them. They just need a little bit of space right now. In fact, the more space they get the more space they need. What First, let’s appreciate the magnificence of some outstanding examples from our forebearers. … Continue reading

  • Ah the days of old, our field bursting with artists plying their craft, creating maps of breathtaking imagination and technique. Just window shop here for a moment to fall into the eye-watering depths of cartographic charm. One of my favorite … Continue reading