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  • It is with great pleasure we announce the first release of the 4.x series of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. You can now starting building web apps with the production release of the ArcGIS API 4.0 for JavaScript! Version 4.0 … Continue reading

  • The most recent Imagery basemap updates added three brand new Community Map contributions and two updated or expanded community contributions. The new areas are spread around the globe from the “big D” – Dallas, Texas and the infamous grassy knoll of … Continue reading

  • Large-scale features added to the World Topographic Map! The most recent World Topographic Map release includes new Community Map contributions for cities and counties across the United States. These contributions help enhance content in the Living Atlas of the World and add value and … Continue reading

  • The Living Atlas provides a variety of basemaps that you can choose from when authoring web maps. These can be found in the basemap gallery of the map viewer. The default collection of basemaps displayed are a function of the … Continue reading

  • Some good news on Pro SDK learning resources – a number of informative videos have just been posted online this week — Dev Summit sessions and a new Live Training Seminar recording. The 2016 Esri Developer Summit technical sessions are … Continue reading