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Documentation and other resources for this ArcGIS capability can be accessed from http://desktop.arcgis.com, a new site focused on ArcGIS for Desktop users. In about three weeks we will begin redirecting to that page. Documentation for 10.2x and earlier releases will continue to be accessible.

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    Over the past few years at Esri, we’ve made extensive efforts to expand the ArcGIS platform to support an enterprise workflow that includes data creation and management, visualization and analysis, and communication tools for technical and non-technical GIS users.  With … Continue reading

  • The World Topographic Map and World Imagery Map have both been updated with new content! Esri is curating an immense and rapidly growing collection of ready-to-use maps, imagery, and geo-referenced data for the world. This online collection of authoritative content, together with the new Web … Continue reading

  • Please join us on September 17, 2015, for a free, live training seminar to see the ready-to-use content in the Living Atlas of the World and learn how you can use it to enhance your ArcGIS maps and apps. Program … Continue reading

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