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Access knowledge base information, downloads, user forums, and developer information, on Esri's current line of products as well as legacy products.

Knowledge Base

Find the information you need by searching Esri's database of known bugs, "how-to" documents, white papers, system requirements, and common error messages for all of our software.

  • Web-based help—View the most up-to-date versions of the ArcGIS Desktop, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, and ArcWeb Services.
  • Technical articles—Browse by software and/or search through lists of known bugs, "how-to" documents, and common error messages.
  • System requirements—All products versions have a specific set of system requirements. These requirements are best accessed by navigating to your product and version. Click here for version 10 products, or click here for all other versions.
  • White papers—Browse by software and/or search through lists of white papers.
  • Product life cycles—Review the Product Life Cycle Support status for Esri software products.
  • GIS Dictionary—A searchable online dictionary of GIS terms.


Get the latest software updates, patches and bug fixes, samples, user contributed ArcScripts, data models, and evaluation software.

  • Galleries—Many ArcGIS 9.3, and later, products have a Gallery for Esri and user posted samples, templates, code, tools, models, and so on.
  • ArcScripts—Download various scripts and sample codes contributed by Esri's user community.
  • Patches and Service Packs—Download the latest bug fixes (patches) or compilation of bug fixes (service packs) for Esri software.
  • Samples and Utilities—Get the latest evaluation copies, software samples, utilities, tutorials, object models, and developer code samples.
  • Data Models—Access industry specific data models to simplify the process of project implementation.


Forums for our community of GIS professionals to browse and post focused questions, or actively help others.

  • New Forums—These new discussion forums were launched on 10/1/2009, coinciding with the start of the ArcGIS 10 Beta Program.  On 4/2/2010, they were opened to the general public and will be the web application Esri will use going forward.
  • Older Forums—These are the discussion forums in use by the Esri user community going back to 1997.  As of 4/1/2010 they are closed to new threads, but will be open to new posts on existing threads until 5/1/2010.  After that they will be read-only but searchable from the Resource Center.  The web application used to drive these forums was quite outdated, so it was replaced by the new forums described above.
  • E-mail Discussion Lists—Subscribe, post, and view digests.


  • Blogs
  • Videos—Many ArcGIS 9.3, or later, product have a Video Gallery for Esri and user posted videos. Navigate to the Resource Center that best suits your work and click the Video menu item.
  • Esri Developer Network (EDN)


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