Using the ArcGIS application you can:

  • Collect and update GIS features using GPS and/or Map
  • Attach photos and video to features
  • Display and navigate maps
  • Find addresses and places
  • Identify locations and features
  • Query map layers and data
  • Measure lines and areas
  • Find and share maps from ArcGIS Online

Using the ArcGIS application on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device you can create and update GIS data in the field, discover, open and explore maps, find places and addresses, query map layers and data that are hosted either at ArcGIS Online or your corporate ArcGIS Server.

The ArcGIS application is now available on the App Store! Click ArcGIS to directly open iTunes on your computer and download the application or open the App Store application on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device and search for "ArcGIS".

If you plan to use the ArcGIS application with your own ArcGIS Server, please read the Maps document to learn more about the structure of Maps on iOS devices and how you can create and upload maps to your ArcGIS Server.

If you have inquires regarding the application, please email

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