ArcGIS supports surface water modeling and analysis with products like ArcGIS Hydrology Toolset, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, and add-ons like Arc Hydro, HEC-GeoHMS and HEC-GeoRAS. 

Arc Hydro is… a set of data models and tools that operates within ArcGIS to support geospatial and temporal data analyses.

Use Arc Hydro to delineate and characterize watersheds in raster and vector formats, define and analyze hydro geometric networks, manage time series data, and configure and export data to numerical models.

To get started with Arc Hydro, download Arc Hydro Data Model and Tools, consult Arc Hydro: GIS for Water Resources and Arc Hydro Tools Overview and Tutorial.  For additional information, see the Hydro Data Model Support Page and the Center for Research in Water Resources Online Publications. For information about the licensing levels required for Arc Hydro, please see the Tools list.

Arc Hydro training:

Rouche Sea Rock, Lebanon

ArcGIS Hydrology Toolset…contains Spatial Analyst tools used to model the flow of water across a surface.  The Spatial Analyst Extension is required. 

Use the Hydrology Toolset to describe the physical components of a surface by identifying sinks, calculating flow direction and accumulation, delineating watersheds, and creating stream networks.

To get started with the Hydrology Toolset, see this overview. If you do not have a license of ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Extension, request a 60-day free trial

Training: Esri offers courses for stream flooding applications, or consult our Education Gallery resources. 



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