IMPORTANT! Development on the Geoportal extension has ceased; all future development is taking place in the open source Esri Geoportal Server project.  This resource center is for the Geoportal extension version 10; for the latest Esri Geoportal Server updates, see

Welcome to the Geoportal extension 10 Resource Center

The Geoportal extension supports an organization's Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) by providing a central access point where producers of data can share their resources, and users can discover them.

The Geoportal extension provides not only a search interface, but many other ways to connect to and search for geospatial data. Many groups—such as North American Profile users, INSPIRE, GEOSS, and others—have specific directives and customize their geoportals to meet these needs.

To see the latest Geoportal features, see What's New in Version 10 and try the Geoportal sandbox site.