Installing the ArcSDE Component

To create ArcSDE geodatabases for IBM DB2, Informix, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server, the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server Enterprise must be installed and a post-installation setup completed.

To create ArcSDE geodatabases for SQL Server Express, licensed through ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Engine, or ArcGIS Server Workgroup, you install SQL Server Express, run the Post Installation wizard to authorize the SQL Server Express instance to store geodatabases, then add the database server to ArcCatalog and create a new geodatabase.

Installation guides are provided with the software installation media. You can also use the following links to obtain ArcSDE installation guides in a PDF format. Choose the installation that applies to you:

Configuring ArcSDE Geodatabases

Geodatabase administration is an ongoing process. Geodatabase configuration is done to customize how data is stored in your geodatabase and how it is accessed. The documents provided here will help you with administrative and configuration tasks.

To administer your ArcSDE geodatabase licensed through ArcGIS Server Enterprise, you will likely need to use at least some of the ArcSDE commands. The ArcSDE Administration Command Reference is provided on the ArcSDE component installation media. You can also obtain a PDF version of the ArcSDE 9.3 Administration Command Reference here.

To help you administer and configure your ArcSDE geodatabase, overview topics that link to pertinent information for each DBMS are in the help.

You can also download PDF versions of this information.

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