Update Version 2.2 now compatible with the current release of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight - version 2.4 build 851.  (February, 15 2012)


The Business Analyst Online Silverlight API extends the capabilities of Esri's ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight™/WPF with methods to create trade areas, run demographic reports, run comparative analytics and the like. This new API greatly shortens the development time for creating Silverlight applications that utilize the Business Analyst Online API and makes it easy to develop using Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend.

The best way to learn how to use the Business Analyst Online Silverlight API is to study and run the sample code and projects.  However, if you are completely new to Silverlight development, there are some software prerequisites that have to be in place before you can proceed.  Please read the Getting Started page inside the Silverlight API Reference.  Code and live examples are available via the Silverlight Interactive Sample viewer.


Additional Dataset Support

The Online API now contains updated content and support for additional datasets. In addition to existing U.S-specific data and content covering previous years, all of the existing API services can now be used to access and leverage additional datasets including a new U.S. Census 2010 dataset and a new Canadian dataset.  Read more.


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