Capacity Planning

Capacity planning, performance benchmarks, and validation testing are essential components of successful enterprise implementations. This section provides information on the capacity planning process, an overview of Esri's performance testing process, and general guidance on how to execute testing of your solutions.

Capacity planning should be conducted when:
  • Designing a new system
  • Migrating from one solution to another (e.g. Non-Esri GIS to Esri GIS)
  • Upgrading from an existing Esri GIS configuration
  • Business processes and models have changed, thus requiring an update to the application architecture
  • End user community has significantly changed in number, location, or function

Typical objective of capacity planning is to estimate:

  • Number and speed of CPU Cores
  • Required Network bandwidth
  • Memory size
  • Storage type and size

Key items influencing capacity:

  • Number of concurrent users
  • User workflows
  • Architecture
  • Tuning and implementation of best practices

Performance Benchmarks and Testing

Performance benchmarks and testing are an integral part of the capacity planning process. Testing the Enterprise GIS solution is an important step to ensuring project success.

Objectives of performance testing include:

  • Benchmarking to demonstrate performance improvements
  • Part of formal acceptance testing
  • Capacity planning (server sizing)
  • Validating system architecture design

Benefits of performance testing include:

  • Understanding defined metrics regarding application performance and scalability, such as response time, throughput, and resource utilization
  • Establishing performance baselines
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks in application, infrastructure, or database
  • Correlating application loading and its impact on the infrastructure
  • Identifying underutilized resources for redeployment
  • Predicting performance and capacity requirements to meet business demands
  • Determining
    • If the system is operating at peak performance
    • How an increased user load can be managed
    • What components affect service levels most, and by how much
    • What components cause service degradation, and at what load

For more information on how these factors are applied and to learn more about performing capacity planning procedures, please see Capacity Planning and Performance Benchmarks Reference Guide.

Additional Support

Esri Professional Services offers a variety of services in these technical areas. Please contact Esri Professional Services.

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