This worldwide street map presents highway-level data for the world and street-level data for the United States, Canada, Japan, Southern Africa, and a number of countries in Europe and elsewhere.

Streetmap content for Barcelona, Spain from TeleAtlas Dynamap®.

This comprehensive street map includes highways, major roads, minor roads, railways, water features, administrative boundaries, cities, parks, and landmarks, overlaid on shaded relief imagery for added context. The street map was developed by Esri using Esri basemap data, AND road data, USGS elevation data, and UNEP-WCMC parks and protected areas for the world, and Tele Atlas Dynamap® and Multinet® street data for North America and Europe.

Streetmap coverage for the world. More detailed street level data is desired for many additional areas of the world.

Desired data

ArcGIS users can contribute detailed street information for their region. Detailed street map data (i.e., 1:50,000 scale or larger) can be added for countries in regions where this data is not already available (e.g., within Africa, Asia, and South America).


You can join Esri's Community Maps Program to contribute your data to the World Street Map.

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