The Esri Business Analyst API for Flex enables you to build dynamic rich Internet applications (RIAs) using same functionality that is used in the Business Analyst Online web-based application.

The Esri Business Analyst API for Flex extends the capability of Esri’s ArcGIS API for Flex with methods to create trade areas, run demographic reports, run comparative analytics and more.


Additional Dataset Support

The API now contains updated content and support for additional datasets. In addition to existing U.S-specific data and content covering previous years, all of the existing API services can now be used to access and leverage additional datasets including a new U.S. Census 2010 dataset and a new Canadian dataset.  Read more.


December 29, 2011 – version 2.2 released.

Getting Started

To use the API you just need to download the Business Analyst for Flex library, as well as, the ArcGIS Server for Flex API library and start creating your Flex applications using Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 or the Flex tool of your choiceIf you are new to the Business Analyst API for Flex, review the Concepts, Samples and API Reference to get started.  Existing Business Analyst Online API for Flex 2.0 and 1.0 users may read the What's New in 2.2Flex 1.0 users may want to read the Migrating to 2.x page in the Concepts section.

Note: Since version 2.2, the Business Analyst Online and Business Analyst Server API libraries have been merged into one single library (one swc file). Some benefits of this are to allow for easy migration from the Business Analyst Online API to Business Analyst Server and to allow Business Analyst Server applications to leverage the hosted Business Analyst Online API to get access to new data and reports as they become available. The merging of these libraries shouldn’t affect current Business Analyst Online developers since they can continue to use the combined library the same way as they used the separate Business Analyst Online library before.

The documentation here focuses on how you can work with the Business Analyst Online API using the combined Business Analyst API for Flex.

Previous Versions

Flex 2.1: Concepts, Samples, Reference
Flex 2.0: Concepts, Samples, Reference
Flex 1.0: Concepts, Samples, Reference


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