Based on whether there is existing data and what type of database available, ArcPad workflows can be categorized into three main groups:

‘Ad-Hoc’ projects


  • Data requirements often defined “on the job”
  • New projects or new data files are created in the field
See how to create a new QuickProject in the field.

When local database is the available data source


  • A single desktop system and small number of users
  • Users prepare data for ArcPad before data collection
  • Edit the prepared data in the field
  • Users post the change back to local geodatabase
See how to get data for ArcPad on desktop computers.

When enterprise database is the available data source


  • Centrally managed server and database involved
  • Users publish the ArcPad services on server
  • Services deployed to devices via wireless or wired networks
  • Changes synchronized between devices and the GIS server


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