Mapping Services

Serves cached maps and dynamic maps from ArcGIS.

Geocode Services

Finds address locations.

Geodata Services

Provides geodatabase access, query, updates, and management services.

Geoprocessing Services

Provides spatial analysis and data processing services.

Globe Services

Serves digital globes authored in ArcGIS.

Image Services

Provides access to image services.

Network Analysis Services

Performs transportation network analysis such as routing, closest facility, and service area.

Feature Services

Serves features and corresponding symbology to allow for display, query, and editing of features.

Search Services

Provides a searchable index of your organization's GIS content.

Geometry Services

Provides geometric calculations such as buffer, simplify, and project.

How to Work with Published GIS Services


The ArcGIS Server REST API provides a simple, powerful, and open Web interface to GIS Services hosted by ArcGIS Server. It's easy to program against GIS Services using the REST interface. All resources and operations exposed by the REST API are accessible through a URL for each GIS service published with ArcGIS Server.


The ArcGIS Server SOAP API is an XML-structured language for communicating with ArcGIS Server web services using the SOAP standard.


Open Geospatial Consortium supported interfaces include:

  • WMS for serving maps
  • WFS for sharing and updating features
  • WCS for serving imagery and rasters 


Openly publish geographic information to the Google Earth and Google Maps user community. Also, use KML to deliver rich geographic information via georeferenced HTML.

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