Esri provides Amazon Machine Images that you can use to deploy ArcGIS Server in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Deploying ArcGIS Server in the cloud has multiple advantages:

  • ArcGIS Server is already installed and configured for you.
  • You can test an ArcGIS Server configuration with relatively low overhead hardware cost.
  • You can automatically scale your deployment in response to demand.


The ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2 Help contains technical details about how to create and administer EC2 instances, as well as high-level guidance on how to plan your EC2 architecture.

ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2 Help


These videos demonstrate how quickly you can get started with ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2.

Creating an Amazon EC2 instance running ArcGIS Server

Administering ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2 through Remote Desktop

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