Your ArcGIS information and results have great value that can be shared beyond your organization. Using the Web, you can open up access to your geographic information using high-quality maps, beautiful visualizations, and rich analytical GIS models.

  • Create layer packages and map packages - Packages make it easy to share your GIS data with other GIS professionals because the work of pulling together the selected data and zipping it up into a single, convenient file is done for you automatically. You can upload your packages directly into ArcGIS Online from within ArcMap so they can be accessed by anyone who has ArcGIS Desktop (9.3.1 or 10 required to access layer packages, 10 required to access map packages). Layer packages can also be opened in ArcGIS Explorer (1200 or more recent).
  • You can access ArcGIS Online from directly inside ArcMap 10 to search for data that others have shared and to manage and organize the data that you have uploaded. Data in ArcGIS Online can also be accessed by the GIS community via the website.
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