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Version 1.2 was released March 2010 (build 177). See the What's New document for more details.

The ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight™/WPF™ enables you to create rich internet and desktop applications that utilize the powerful mapping, geocoding, and geoprocessing capabilities provided by ArcGIS Server and Bing™ services. The API is built on the Microsoft Silverlight/WPF platform which is integrated with Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend 3. The Microsoft Silverlight platform includes a lightweight version of the .NET Framework CLR (CoreCLR) and the Silverlight runtime - all hosted via a browser plug-in.

To use the API you simply download and install the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF and and start creating your Silverlight or WPF applications using Visual Studio 2008 or Expression Blend 3.